Flourish Team
The Flourish team is excited to introduce the Secret Pal program for 2017.
While initially the program was intended for adults only, we’ve decided to open it up to all interested persons. The goal of the program is to help participants get to know others on a more personal level; in a non‐threatening and non‐stressful way. Below is information about the program.
How the program will work: 
Each person who participates will have two secret pals.  One, who they will receive anonymous surprises from throughout the year, and one, who they provide anonymous surprises to throughout the year. The surprises can be given on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc., when you know your pal needs extra encouragement and support, or, for no special reason at all. Participation in the program is not meant to be expensive. Participants are encouraged to give cards, make homemade items, provide meaningful scriptures, etc. Thoughtfulness, not quantity, is key.
Next Steps:
Sign‐up sheet is located in the back of the church. Complete a Secret Pal questionnaire and return to Joni Cragoe by December 4, 2016. Participants will receive their Secret Pal’s information in the middle of December. While the program officially kicks off January 1, 2017, it is ok to start a little early if you want to include this holiday season! Throughout the year,
participants can give and receive anonymously! Secret Pals will be revealed in the fall of 2017.
We hope you’re as excited about the program as we are and that everyone will want to participate! Please see the Flourish Team with any questions. Thank you.