The Moravian Church in North America

At the new site, visitors can gain a greater understanding of what makes the Moravian Church a welcoming, friendly, spiritual and loving Christian faith tradition;

  • See the powerful work going on in our congregations and ministries;
  • Learn about our foundations of faith, our traditions and customs and the rites and sacraments that form our worship;
  • Read what’s happening throughout the North American Church and find out more about upcoming events; and
  • Discover resources that can help nurture personal relationships with God

The Moravian Board of World Missions

The Board of World Missions (BWM) is about the work of God in the world through serving and sending God’s children to bring others to know and follow Christ. We disciple people in mission by walking with individuals, churches, and global partners so that together we may provide opportunities for people to know and follow Christ; and be God’s instruments of grace, peace and justice in the world.

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